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SGS Equipment Services are approved dealers for prestigious brands such as Indeco and Auger Torque, we also offer a comprehensive range of quality equipment, breaker tools and spares from other leading hydraulic attachment manufacturers.

Indeco hydraulic breakers
We are the authorised dealer for Indeco hydraulic breakers for central southern England, enabling us to sell quality new breakers. Indeco breakers have proven to be one of the most reliable breakers with excellent residual values and has one of the best parts back-up and availability in the UK combined with our excellent after sales service this gives the customer peace of mind and satisfaction. Indeco breakers have a dual shock absorber system that reduces the vibration to the excavator, with an efficient and slim, lighter weight design, with fewer parts and strong warranty protection. Even quieter 'Whisper' models are also available. There are 24 models available which ensures a breaker for every carrier and application.

Efficiency: All Indeco breakers have a special intelligent hydraulic system, enabling them to automatically vary the energy and frequency of the blows according to the hardness of the material being demolished. This optimises the hydraulic pressure delivered by the machine, thus improving productivity and enhancing the overall performance.

Noise levels: Improvements of the sources of noise and the use of special sound absorbent, sound-proofing materials in the casing have made Indeco's Whisper models among the quietest breakers on the market.

Shock absorption: Indeco breakers are also equipped with a dual shock-absorption system, a hydraulic internal one and (only on the mid-range and larger models) a mechanical external one, made up of shock absorbers on the sides and the top.

Weight: Under working conditions, Indeco breakers weigh less than their counterparts in the same class, benefiting the machine as well as the excavator boom, which is thus subject to lower levels of stress.

Streamlining: Indeco has designed a streamlined and well-proportioned casing which enables the user to work with ease even in difficult situations such as tunnels or deep narrow trenches.

We are an authorised dealer for Auger Torque – a quality manufacturer of auger attachments to suit a vast range of carriers. Our augers give ultimate performance and cost effectiveness for excavators from 750Kg upwards with the largest range available with a power output from 1000 nm and drill sizes starting from 100mm diameter upwards and drill lengths from 1.2 metres upwards. These units are easy to fit and can be used with most types of quick hitch.

Compactor plates
We sell a quality range of compactor plates to suit most excavators and can be used with standard breaker pipes and are extremely easy to fit and compatible to most excavator quick hitches. Excavator mounted compactors eliminate the risk of manual trench compaction and are very efficient on difficult gradients. Compactor plates can also be used as effective low cost drivers of posts, beams, sheet piles etc. We have them available in various plate widths to suit your requirements.

Additional attachments
We now sell post drivers and stump planers. Please call us for these or any other attachments that you may require and we will endeavour to research and source the best one for you.

Breaker points and chisels
We stock and supply top quality steels for all major manufacturers of hydraulic breakers. They are manufactured in the UK by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality breaker steels for excavator mounted hydraulic breakers to exacting quality standards with ISO9002. The steels are manufactured from top quality alloy steels, machined and heat treated with techniques ensuring that each breaker steel has the consistent impact strength, hardness and ductabilty needed in the conditions experienced in the construction, mining, demolition and quarrying industries. These are high performance steels.

We can supply specially manufactured steels to customers requirements including longer or shorter lengths etc.

We have a vast stock of steels that are available for same day collection or next day delivery either directly to site or your premises. Due to our buying power we can offer very competitive prices.

Breaker parts and spares
We stock a wide range of hydraulic breaker parts and spares for all the major manufacturers of breakers. Most are available for same day collection or next day delivery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requirements that you may have and we will be delighted to quote you.

Used attachments
We buy and sell a large range of breakers and attachments. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to buy, sell or part exchange an attachment.

For further details about our sales service or to discuss your requirements please call us on (023) 92 471225.